Living Space. Living Energy

Living Space. Living Energy Living Space. Living Energy


Of all of the rooms in our environment, the bedroom is probably the most important space in regard to our health. One reason is because during sleep our bodies become less guarded as our Chi seeks to rejuvenate & replenish itself. While in this passive & reparative state for several hours each night, we become more susceptible to the surrounding Feng Shui of the room.
If your bedroom is located at the long end of a hallway, then you are being bombarded by this constant force of accelerated hallway Chi. This type of arrangement can result in elevated anxiety, heart blood pressure along with other ailments.
Hang two brass wind chimes from the ceiling a couple of feet from either end of the hallway to bear up the fast Chi flow. Use several small rugs instead of one long runner; do the same with pictures & art pieces staggering them several feet apart to slow down & stabilize the energy.
If you have any concerns, call or email me to answer any question.
Live well!


From a Feng Shui perspective, our homes are always significant in terms of our life events, but when we are sick they become even more priceless because it is the all-encompassing place where we make decisions, make love and make life enfolds.
There are certain elements that help create and sustain a healing space:
1. Sacred Power Objects: These are our "spiritual transition objects" that carry higher realms of energy, which may include: bells, cymbals, and statues.
2. Space Clearing Rituals: Crisis, trauma and sickness in our homes often give off an electrical or emotional charge that even long after the event has come and passed still remains in the space, walls and even absorbed into the furniture.
Burning sage in a smudge stick in every room can be very effective in cleansing the old energy and revitalize the space. Also lighting a candle or incense sticks on a regular basis can neutralize negative energy and bring balance to your home.
As well, ever underestimate using sea salt which has the ability to absorb and store negative energy; placed in a bowl in a corner of the room and changed every few weeks.
What to do with the old salt? you can discard in the toilet or out in the garden back to earth to be recycled.
3. Life Force: When we are surrounded with various life forces, our auras absorb their energies and in turn help us heal. From beautiful lush plants, to playful dogs and purring cats.
And remember, by honouring our space, we're honouring ourselves.
Keep well!
Make a statement with on-trend cabinets

Make a statement with on-trend cabinets

Whether you are planning a full scale renovation considering cabinet refacing, you can make a dramatic transformation no matter your budget.

Here are few consideration to modernize your kitchen:

1- Coloured Cabinets:

Although all-white kitchens are still popular, people have started taking more risks with their cabinet colour choices. Jewel tones such as green and blue add elegant drama to any space, and black has gained popularity with homeowners who prefer sleek, modern look.

2- Mix and Match:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and finishes to dial up the drama. Combine black and grey for an elegant, timeless look, or pair blue and white for a classic statement. As a rule, use darker colours on lower cabinets to anchor your design.

3- Minimal Hardware

Seamless cabinets have grown in popularity and pair well with subtle edge-pulls. By eliminating moulding and heavy finishes, you can ensure that your cabinet doors and countertops are the focal point of your kitchen.

4- New door Styles

From traditional to modern, there is a door to match any style. Consider a timeless shaker option for a classic design or a modern slab style for a seamless look.

Having a beautiful kitchen means investing in your family’s health and happiness. A functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen will draw family and guests into the very heart of your home and envelop them in warmth of your HOME!

Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

Ever wondered why some people are magnets for great opportunities? How do they do it?
Their energy and attitude plays tremendous part in this.
How to improve your vibe to attract good things, you ask? One way is to enhance your space, so that it reflects back to you great feelings of enjoying and optimal success.
In Feng Shui, the Fame & Future Enhancement area is located in the rear top middle section of your home, that is standing at your front door & looking inside the house.
Enhancing Tips:
- The color red is particularly effective in activating the fame and reputation sector. Objects with red as their dominant color can be displayed in this area (soft furnishings, upholstery, lampshades, drapes, bedspreads, rugs, carpets, decor, vases, etc.)
You can also use objects of the fire element to energize the fame corner of your home. A fireplace is an exceptionally good way to do this, but candles, bright lights, garlands work too!
- Hang a painting with red as the dominant color or a photograph frame made of wood in this corner. They would be excellent supplements to the fire element since wood produces fire.
- Display diplomas, awards, trophies, letters of recognition, symbols of victories, etc..
- Display something you would like to be known for, a physical symbol of a future goal.
- Objects or patterns that have the shape of a pyramid & triangle.
- Place symbols of success, charts, or visualization boards with goals displayed. If you are reserved about displaying awards, letters of recognition, etc. then place them behind a picture, in a cabinet, behind a chair or couch.
Finally, complement your decor with wood, which will enhance the Fire element.
What to avoid using in the area?
The presence of water and all its related symbols ( blue, black & circles) doesn’t support your goals here.
Enjoy, and do not hesitate to ask me questions. Live Well!
Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

How can I improve my bedroom Feng Shui? 

The first step I would suggest if you want to sleep better would be to remove all mirrors (keep only one if needed), electronics and big plants from your bedroom. Next step is to paint your bedroom walls in skin tone colors (beige, cream, brown, pale yellow, soft pink, light peach, olive). You could also add soft bedding and remove big or sad paintings. You could also choose lower furniture rather than tall furniture (especially if the furniture is close to the bed). But most importantly, you could declutter thoroughly (nothing under the bed) and also sleep with your bed positioned in the fahest corner from the main door.

If someone is looking for a realtionship, some small changes they could make could be to start having things in pairs in the bedroom (two night stands, two lamps, two cushions, two candles), decorative objects that symbolize love (pairs of mandrin ducks or flamingos, romantic photos), a couple of pink raw quartz crystals. They could also “make room” for another person in their bedroom (empty a drawer for them, have an armchair ready for the other person) and remove all obstructions to entering their side of the bed.

Live Well!

The Anatomy Of A Home

The Anatomy Of A Home

Feng Shui is a design system based on the flow of energy though your home or environment. It differs from the principles of traditional interior design, which bases its concepts mainly on function, form and aesthetics.

 The primary objective of Feng Shui is always to create home and work environment that are in alignment with the healing forces of nature, thus creating spaces that naturally support and nurture the individuals who occupy them.

 As energy/Chi circulates throughout your home, it merges with the energy emitted by other elements in the environment, such as the color of the walls, the shapes of the rooms, and the positioning of the furniture.

 These patterns of energy then shape the Chi that exist in our bodies and in our external energy system called the Chakras. The Chi in our bodies transmits these energy patterns to the world, drawing to us like a magnet, certain life situations ( relationships, jobs, health issues..) that reflect those same energy patterns.

 The environment around us is full of clues that can alert us to energetic patterns. Our job is to decipher the clues and then begin to make the changes necessary to correct those conditions.

 If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Always a pleasure to assist you in every way I can.

It’s a good life!

Granny Pods!

Granny Pods!

There is a new trend emerging in Senior Housing: Granny Pods!

Also known as tiny homes for seniors, granny pods are compact, prefabricated houses that can be assembled in the backyard of a caregiver’s home.

Although the idea of granny flats has been around for decades all over the world, it has gained popularity and been adopted by companies across U.S and Canada.

In general, granny pods include an open space containing a bed, living area, kitchenette and bathroom. They are completely accessible to elderly people with heath and mobility problems.

A tiny house built to meet a senior’s needs can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $125,000.

It is a sound investment consider that the average monthly rate for seniors in independent living facilities in Canada averages between $3000 – $5000/month and higher depending on the area. The average monthly rate for assisted living is even higher at $4500 – $6000/month or more depending on the area.

Many seniors and their loved ones see granny pods as an excellent way to downsize after retirement and a welcome alternative to nursing homes. These tiny homes allow seniors to continue living independently while receiving the care they need. It also lets families stay together without having to sacrifice space and privacy by living under one roof. This would give the senior a sense of autonomy and well-being.

The sooner we can get local governments to treat tiny houses as an acceptable form of housing (including them in building codes and zoning bylaws), the sooner policymakers can include them as housing options for Canadians in our cities and in rural areas, and not only seniors but those in generation squeeze, those who prefer a simpler lifestyle and those who care for the environment.





Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

When you see the homes of wealthy people, the number one obvious thing that you see is the abundance of open space. 

Rarely do you see wealthy houses full to the brim with all sorts of stuff. It is the luxury of the open space and plenty of breathing room that attracts more wealth energy.

In feng shui terms, this basically means there is room to allow for more and to enjoy more.

For me personally, one of the most important areas in the home is the front foyer. This is where your home love journey begins.
It is important to learn to welcome powerful energy into our home, and not make it stale or block it with all sorts of stuff. 
Allowing open space, definitely contributes to positive energy in the home in order to support your lifestyle. 

Each item in your home deserves a space of its own, no matter how small it is; this makes for a peaceful house with strong and clear energy. Because wasting time on finding something is frustrating and detracts from other things & activities that can bring us wealth both financial wealth, as well as the wealth of emotional and physical health.

Remember: Good Chi Flows in a Clear, Open Space! 
Live well!



With the social consciousness that is attached to the colour green and its longstanding nurturing effect on the human body, this hue is the perfect choice to colour the walls and use in upholstery, bedding, and area carpets. Take your colour clues from nature and go ˜au natural™.

During the last few weeks of summer, we start to hang on for dear life to the great outdoors before its back to school and a chillier climate. By bringing green into our décor, we can keep things alive and help to lower our stress levels.

Just as a walk around the block, a hike through the woods or picking apples in the orchard is known to bring us peace of mind, surrounding ourselves with shades of green is known to calm our nerves and to reduce anxiety levels, which is another good reason to bring the outdoors in.

Mother Nature gave us an almost infinite palette from which to choose; here are just a few options :

  • Grass green
  • Tea green
  • Apple green
  • Pear green
  • Pea green
  • Leaf green
Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

Feng Shui Tip Of The Month

A lot of people are now turning to Feng Shui for greater alignment in their lives, greater relationships, joy and abundance. Famous businessmen, actors and athletes regularly ask consultants to assist them in their home renovations. Just like more and more people turn to acupuncture for enhanced health and preventive treatments, Feng Shui is to the house what acupuncture is to the body.
Just like an acupuncturist uses a diagram of all the pressure points on the body, Feng Shui provides us with a Bagua map that can be superimposed on your home floor plan, indicating the areas the are associated with 9 most essential aspects of our life. One of the nine aspects is Health. Its location is the centre of your home, and centre of every room in it.
It is the distribution centre of all energy in your home. It should be devoid of tall shelves or heavy furniture. Its main ruling Element is Earth, so yellow, creams, gold tones can be very supportive for you here. The centre should be calm and relaxing, ideally no staircase or toilets here.
Consider an off white rug for this area, and a square wood table displaying plants, Himalayan salt lamp and art that promotes peace. In the centre avoid using any water Element and its related colours like blue, white, silver & black.
Live consciously and utilize the power of nature to support your goals and enhance your lifestyle.
It’s a good life!


When it comes to their homes, people tend to focus on new renovation projects, upgrades & daily chores. While the space can look modern & clean, the air inside it may be less than ideal, loaded with unseen allergens, dust mites, mould, volatile organic compounds, pet dander and more-all of which can wreak havoc on their health.

To improve a home's air quality, pay attention to the main things that can affect it:

  • Ventilation

Does dust in your home seem to accumulate faster than the speed of light? Excessive dust is often symptomatic of a larger issue. Create a calendar reminder for vents & fans to be cleaned and filters to be replaced routinely to prevent dust from constantly re-circulating throughout the home. Use a high efficiency particulate air filter that traps tiny particles so you're less likely to breath them in. also remember to wash sheets and vacuum mattresses regularly

  • Harmful chemical

Volatile organic compounds negatively impact air quality & personal health. Choose products that say low VOC or no VOC. Paint, building materials, furniture & floor polishes, cleaning solvents & even air fresheners often contain VOCs. Be mindful the product you are using daily, and choose better alternatives whenever possible

  • Mould

Perform a mould check at least once a year. Look for discoloration or dark spots on surfaces. Moisture, especially plumbing or roofing leaks, is among the primary causes of mould

  • Air purifier

Take your home's air quality to the next level by investing in an air purifier-they're perfect for common living spaces such as kitchens & bedrooms. One of the top products is Oreck's Air Response air purifier that uses a HEPA filter with carbon. It traps 99% of allergens, smoke, dust, odors & has a convenient air quality indicator that changes color when measuring the air purity.

Another element to improve your home's air quality is indoor plants. It is vert affordable, great item to decorate with and it brings nature's calm & peace into your home and life.

It's a good life!



We are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of each of us. Is it any wonder then, that we thrive only when we’re in harmony with the lives and forces around us? It isn’t. 

Synthesis and unison with Chi is a necessary, condition for prosperity.

The bad news is; if you are in conflict with your surroundings and the forces present in it, your potential for health, wealth, and happiness is limited by the results of the conflict. And no amount of good deeds or hard work will be able to get you through. 

The good news is; you can take certain steps to ensure harmony between you and your surroundings.

Adhering to the principles of Feng Shui is the simplest of those steps. The task becomes simpler when you are building a new house (as opposed to purchasing a finished one) because you have the freedom to adhere to Feng Shui principles right from the start.

Listed below are top-two tips that is important to follow:

1. Pay special attention to the main door

The main door, or the front door is a critical consideration in Feng Shui because it is the passage through which the house receives its Chi (energy). You need to ensure the front door is large in size but remains in proportion to the rest of the house. You also need to make sure that the front door does not get aligned to the back door after construction.

Aligned front and back door facilitate the loss of Chi. You also need to take care that there are no tall objects (such as trees or other buildings) right in the line of sight from your front door.

2. Check the house shape and floor plan

You might want the house to be constructed with even corners. Houses shaped as squares or rectangles are harmonizing whereas those with odd or missing corners (shaped like a triangle or pentagon) are conflicting.

When reviewing floor plans, you need to ensure that there are no kitchens or toilets in the North West side of the house. 

Keeping the North West side is especially important because that’s the direction from which the positive energy pour into your houses. Also avoid constructing kitchens and toilets such that they are visible straight from the front door.







From bold colour & luxurious fabrics to metallic & detailed patterns, maximalism is without doubt this Fall home decor’s best attraction.

Maximalism is a sign of passion, power & joy that can be expressed through a room. Glamour and luxury are making their mainstream comeback, get ready and enjoy the ride!

This in-your-face design can be a little intimidating.
How to mix colours and fabrics and still achieve a vibrant style that’s eclectic rather than cluttered and chaotic?
Here are few tips:

1. Try it in small doses
To avoid overwhelming yourself, bring in a few colourful cushions in clashing tones, and try scattering them on a plain sofa or simple chairs. If you’re feeling braver, try bold wallpaper in a smaller room; adding drama in rooms that you simply pass through makes it easier to get used to and build up from, before taking it into rooms that you really live in.

2. Connect the dots
To make sure that your interiors still feel connected even with a mix of colours, patterns and textures in the room, you should find a link between pieces to bring the room together. Pick out a colour that really sings for you and then bring it onto a chair and a fabulous pair of velvet curtains. Keep the space symmetrical; you can layer even more and still keep a sense of balance, even in a room that mixes colours and styles broadly.

3. Tell a story
Think about what you want to express with your interiors. Maximalism is at its best when there’s a common theme running through it, some kind of visual theatre to tell a story. Try designs inspired by the landscapes and wildlife, bringing in nature alongside bright colours, and use accent accessories that bring out the patterns in the fabrics too. It’s still colourful, busy and exciting, but it’s cohesive and makes sense.

Too many of us walk away from interior pieces that we love because "they don’t match" our schemes.
Say "yes" to the items that make your heart sing and bring them into your home whether they match or not. Mixing materials and styles makes for an interesting home!




Sometimes, the smallest things can have a big impact. An instant trick for creating serenity in a space is to examine the hidden symbolism in your home and make sure it’s supporting you.

If your intention is to create more serenity in your home, here are few tips to consider:


Not only is furniture arrangement important to the functionality of a room, but healthy flow also promotes relaxation and serenity, one of the key principles of feng shui. make sure your headboard is up against a wall, and that the sides of your bed aren’t pushed against the wall. It's important that energy circulates under and around the sides of your bed, otherwise, over time you yourself will feel ‘up against a wall,’ confined or limited in your opportunities in life. 


Sometimes, the smallest things can have a big impact. An instant trick for creating serenity in a space is to examine the hidden symbolism in your home and make sure it’s supporting you. Is your bedroom filled with pictures of crashing waves? Perhaps that’s why you’re having trouble sleeping. Are your mirrors hung too high? That may make you feel you can’t measure up. Take a deeper look at what your home is showing you, because right now it’s telling your story.


Just as smelling something from your past can bring you back to that moment, different fragrances can stir up different emotions. Make your space feel calm and relaxing by infusing it with scents that trigger those feelings. 


In choosing calming furniture and objects to decorate rooms, look for natural, unfinished textures (wood, cork, stone) and fabrics (cotton, wool). For a Zen vibe, you really want to highlight the natural imperfections of the material or fiber. It's not just about feeling closer to nature, but also accepting the imperfection of nature.



The way we design our homes plays a big role in helping us manifest our goals, and carving out a calming space in your home is a physical manifestation of your commitment to spirituality. You’ll imbue the area with your energy of reflection, devotion, and peace.

Few tips to consider:

1. Keep it simple.

Resist the urge to go wild with the crystals and mala beads—too many and your space will likely cross the line from relaxing to distracting. Visual calm begets mental serenity, so practice restraint when decorating your spiritual space by culling your small decor to include only a handful of your most meaningful pieces. Find a pretty container to store the rest and pull them out when inspiration strikes.

2. Tell a story.
A well-styled vignette is like a haiku; each carefully chosen element plays a key role in telling a concise story. So if you want to travel more, curate a collection of globally inspired items. Use characteristics such as texture, color, and scale to evoke a response.

4. Flaunt your intentions
you no longer need to hide the affirmations taped to your mirror when friends come over. Not only does text-based art look cool, but, words have a powerful energy and add an extra layer of meaning and intention to a spiritual space. Frame or simply tape up sayings and phrases that reflect your values, including some that you write in your own hand for an extra personal touch.

5. Think outside the altar.
Not all of us have the time or resources for a floor-to-ceiling metaphysical home makeover, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an uninspired dwelling. but any space in your home can be spiritual when you decorate with intention. For example, if cooking is your meditation time, then support your Zen of meal prep with thoughtfully—and beautifully!—organized shelves and cupboards. 




By the time your 30s arrive, your palette has been refined, and you’ll likely have a new passion for crafting an intimate sanctuary at home. So to help you enter this new decade of your life in the grandest style, here are few things you need to rethink!

1- Sofa futons: the sofa futon is something we’ve all owned at least once in our lifetime, but especially in our 20s. Time isn’t really kind to this furniture style. When your 30s come around, it’s time to upgrade your living room to reflect your elevated esthetic.
2- Old linen: good linen should be a priority at every age! Do yourself a favor and get rid of any worn out, stained or ratty linens you still own. Its time.
3- Wire clothing hangers: while it may not be a display for your guest to see, just the lining of a beautiful coat makes the experience feel expensive, so too does the inside of your closet. Invest in good wood hangers.
4- Dated mirror: if there’s one piece that can really date a home fast, it’s a mirror. They have the ability to open up a space and add a beautiful accent to any room, but if they’re badly framed or frumpy shape, it can really offset the balance. So it’s time to retire that old mirror in the bathroom that came with the house! You’ll notice the difference.
5- Plastic dishware: anything plastic that isn’t for outdoor needs, to be tossed. It served its purpose and we are sure it has been handy, but when you entertain at home serving on plastic plate is dated. formal dishware doesn’t need to be expensive. The beauty of upgrading your dishware is being able to display them on open shelve; a beautiful accent in your home.
6- Cheap rugs: rugs can set the tone for the entire room. Invest in them; add a new or antique rug to your list of new purchases, and start putting money aside now. Vintage rugs, if they are cared for, are the most durable, easy to clean and hide dirt well.
7- Hand-me-down furniture: your family & friends meant well by giving you that old side table, desk & armchair, but now is the time to retire those worn-out pieces. It’s time to move on, and invest in furniture & decor items that will reflect the new era of your life.




The color of your front door might be down to trends or fashion, but it can reveal a lot about your personality.

According to a study, many people prefer their front door in black, white, gray, and navy. But what is the significance in terms of the owner's personality? 

Front door color meanings:


Black: elegant, powerful, and prestigious

White: simple, crisp, and pristine

Gray: timeless and classic

Navy: authoritative and trustworthy

Green: calm, quiet, and soothing

Red: commanding, dynamic, and engaging

Purple: dramatic

Yellow: warm, welcoming, and optimistic

Pink Lavender: youthful and spirited

Natural stain: rustic and comforting


 So, what is your inner calling this year? Nature is providing you with great time of year to transform your front door. What are you waiting for? Pay your neighbourhood paint store a visit and be bold in choosing what will give you the best support at this time of your life. Go for it! Happy painting!





A warm, comfortable finished basement is a great feature that adds great value to your home, and provides useful space for the whole family. Unfortunately very few people realize that finishing a basement the wrong way can bring mould, mildew and lower indoor air quality. Building a healthy finished basement comes down to few elements:

- Only finish a reliable dry basement. Even a small amount of leaked water can trigger problems. Monitor the space and make sure it is dry at least a year before you start investing time & money into finishing

- Use moisture resistant inorganic materials. Even a dry basement might get unexpectedly damp, so use material that won’t feed mould even in the presence of moisture. Foam based insulation is best at reducing mould risk in basements. Avoid putting wood in contact with concrete.

- Install a subfloor. Proper basement subfloors make finished floors warmer and reduce the chance that humid summer-time air will condense against cool concrete.

- Spray foam the rim joints. Although it’s common to insulate the area where joist meet outside walls using fiber based insulation and a vapour barrier, it’s difficult to get a proper air seal around all those joints. The resulting air leakage is why many homes have some kind of mould in the rim joist area. You’ll need professional installer to do this work.

- Install a proper heating system. Just because you have a furnace in your basement doesn’t mean it will automatically heat the space. You need sufficient ducts to deliver heat to all areas as well as cold air return ducts at floor level to promote circulation.

If you are planning to hire a knowledgeable & professional contractor, the Canadian Home Builder’s Association is a great source of free advice for hiring a pro, and avoiding suspicious contractors. Find more information at www.getitinwriting.ca



Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16 Th. of February.

It is the year of the Earth Dog, and its characteristic word is ACTION!

It will be a year of social change and also a change to how we live our life; we will see changes in our view on diet, smoking, drinking and junk food just to name a few.

Year 2018 will bring more luck in marriages, and it will be a very strong Earth. That implies the events related to land, real estate, county territory, agriculture, earthquake, will be more active than before.

As well, year 2018 falls under the auspices ruling number 9.

The financial potential created by star 9 will concretize in new business opportunities, increased cash flow, building good reputation and a high social status.

Decorate your space using groups of 9; crystals, pictures, candles, and initiate good luck & blessings to flow into your home & life.

The Earth elements in 2018 are associated with specific parts of the house intended for:

1-health (centre of every room),

2-relationships (top right corner area of every room, standing at its main door) 

3-and knowledge (lower left corner area of every room, standing at its main door). 

The ideal decorations for these locations are natural crystals, terracotta and tiles, and the appropriate earthy colours which they represent stability, safety & loyalty.

Brown can be used by those who have a scattered or volatile attention, while warm tones of beige can induce a state of relaxation.

Yellow is the colour of joy, happiness and creativity. It’s energizing, simulative and it brings forward optimism, clarity in ideas, intelligence. Add to that, it keeps at bay depression and anxiety. Use it when & where it is needed.

Celebrate & live well!




All scents are associated with one of Feng Shui’s five elements. The metal element helps clarify mental processes & stimulates the gathering of information and the shaping of ideas. Choosing one of the metal element scents helps you focus on the solutions you may need following a loss & keep you engaged in mitigating emotional pain.

Suggested cures:

- Stew Eucalyptus leaves in a simmering pot of water to help you overcome the inability to move forward & to enhance your ability to relinquish whatever no longer serves you

- Purchase Hyssop essential oil and use it on a scent ring (the kind that rests on a lamp’s lightbulb) to dispel gloom & negativity, and improve concentration by invigorating your mind & reducing nervous exhaustion

- Choose toothpaste with herb Myrrh, because it has a powerful effect on the nervous system and reaches into the psyche to help us transcend & transforms aspects of material existence

- Light Pine candles to help you let go of what is old and useless and to restore confidence. Pine also helps reverse short-term memory loss. Finally, it restores a positive self-identity and promotes a vibrant self-image

Live well!



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