Niagara Peninsula & Surrounding areas

Niagara Peninsula & Surrounding areas Niagara Peninsula & Surrounding areas
Niagara Penninsula

Jutting east from Hamilton and forming a natural divide between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, the Niagara Peninsula is a legitimate tourist hot spot. This is Ontario's premier wine-growing region, the commercial focus of which is picture-postcard Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Niagara Peninsula is one of four recognized viticulture areas by the VQA in the Ontario wine industry. The many European style wineries and vineyards have played a major role in attracting visitors seeking a unique cultural experience. As well, new development has spun off an upscale hospitality boom throughout the whole Niagara Peninsula. Centers of higher education are Brock University and Niagara College, both offering undergraduate and post-graduate studies in many disciplines. The region's moderate year-round climate, in addition to its close proximity to the United States, makes it a popular retirement destination. In fact, the Niagara Peninsula has both the highest density and growth rate of seniors for any region within Ontario.


Truly a special place nestled between beautiful Lake Ontario and the majestic Niagara Escarpment and only 20 minutes from Burlington. Grimsby has experienced significant growth over the past decade but is still able to maintain its small-town ambiance. Residence enjoys the breathtaking Escarpment, the beach and beautiful parks. Grimsby holds an intimate town feels, which makes it top choice for many retirees and professional individuals. 

Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is located on the South shore of western Lake Ontario, and is among the fastest-growing parts of Hamilton. In recent years, new condominiums have been built along the lakefront. Strong interest has been shown from many residents of the Greater Toronto Area in large part because of the affordability factor and quick access to the western GTA via the Burlington Skyway. Also, the detached housing growth remains strong in above the mountain.

Niagara on the Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake was named the Prettiest Town in Canada in 1996 by Communities in Bloom, a nationwide beautification program. The town is the host of the Shaw Festival is now a popular tourist destination, located at the northern terminus of the Niagara Parkway that attracts a large number of retirees. The surrounding region enjoys a comparatively mild climate thanks to the adjoining lakes, and excellent soil for fruit production, for which it has become one of Canada's centers. In particular, NOTL has grown into a major viticulture region. Visitors flock to dozens of nearby wineries, including those making the world's largest volumes of ice wine. The town is also known for its gardens, art galleries, antique shops, and golf courses. There are many hotels, inns, bed & breakfast, vacation rentals and spas in the area to enjoy year around.


Lincoln's location between the southern shore of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment provides for a moderate climate with mild winters. The area is known for its orchards, vineyards, wineries and restaurants that feature local produce and wines. Fruit crops grown in Lincoln include cherries, peaches, apples and pears, and during the summer attract many tourists from all over Ontario, particularly Toronto. Today, Lincoln is a leading area for tender fruit production and grape growing. Its wines are achieving international recognition and winning awards for quality. "Greenhouse Friendly" Lincoln also has the largest concentration of greenhouse operators in Canada.

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